Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The New Place

Because I'm still fuming a bit about some situations going on in my life....I think its best to have a picture post today. is the new place. We are almost done packing. I got my room finished up day before yesterday, and the boys rooms are up to be finished tonight. So they are still really messy...especially Nates. :)

Ours in the top left hand corner one....with all the boxes on the balcony. We lucked out because we got the unit with vaulted ceilings which in every other building would'vebeen on the3rd floor. I'm not about to do that again.

This is what you see when you walk in the playing VMotion hehe :)

This is the other half of the living room...obviously...with kids

The Itty Bitty Tiny kitchen. But its function and I'm happy with it.

Dining room. Probably my favorite room wierdly enough, dunno why.

Boys bathroom

Tyler and Ryders bedroom...still working on getting it unpacked.

Nates room...which has become the dumping grounds for the clothes until we get them completely put away in proper places. Obviously still unpacking in there.

My room...which is about half the size of my last bedroom. But I've made it work.

My bathroom.

As we've been in the new place, I can't help but feel like this was a very good move for us. I know we made the best decision we could've in our situation. I hope things will continue to get better.

In other news, this month is starting with the bang. moving is done, next up on the list is Disneyland NEXT WEEK! I'm soo very excited for that! We will be gone leave on Friday and come home on Tuesday....which makes me sooo excited! However the Friday after we come back the boys start school...and the following Monday I start school. Craziness all around! So I apologize if blogging gets more infrequent...but I will try to keep up with it :)

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