Friday, August 19, 2011

Two posts in one day...I know!!

Hungry Girl Mississippi Mug Pie Yummmmmy!
 So in a movement to start getting back on track with my WW, I've decided that I will pre-plan my dinners....for the entire month. Yep. The whole month. The remainder of August is done and now I'm moving into September. My goal is to see how it goes through September and if I like the whole shabang and it helps things be less chaotic at my house, then I will keep doing it. So expect some always fantastic (hehe) pictures of my food and the recipes that actually turn out good. Most of my recipes are going to be from the Hungry Girl website or the Food Network website since I love both. I love Hungry Girl most though because she figures the WW points out for her recipes so I don't have to. Awesomeness. I've also decided that Saturdays will be my splurge night where the boys and I will make (healthy-ish) treats. Up this weekend is Nacho-rific Stuffed Chicken and a SUPER EASY and LOW POINT Mississippi Mug Pie that only takes like, 5 minutes to make. I think its going to feel good to eat healthy again. I've been slacking big time. goes!

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