Monday, August 8, 2011


I need some good mojo. If you have any, please spare some and send it my way. I've got some hard decisions coming up and I'm having to plan an exit strategy for something in my life that has needed to come to an end for awhile. The only problem is....I cannot execute the above mentioned exit strategy until the stars align more, which isn't happening. And it's frustrating. I have no idea which way my life is supposed to be headed right now, and that is more frustrating than anything. It sucks. If I at least knew what I was supposed to be doing, then I could have SOME sense of peace. But alas....its not happening. So again...send good mojo and prayers my way. I hate asking...but I kinda need it right now.

In other, more happy news...we had a great weekend full of family, swimming, hot dogs and amazingly yummy teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple covered in coconut. I'm sad to have to go to work again, but in 4 short days we will be headed to Disneyland and I am SOO excited. I cannot wait. It's going to be hard to come back from that trip as well, however shortly after I will be able to start school which will be nice.

So...even with the stressful, irritating issues going on...I'm trying to think of the positives. Like my awesome family and being able to spend time with them soon enough. That makes me very happy :)


  1. I know this feeling VERY well and I hope it passes quickly.

  2. Thanks a ton! I hope you get past your icky stuff soon too! :)