Tuesday, October 5, 2010


After listening to a little bit of conference...I decided I have a lot of things to be grateful for. My top 5 are:

1. My family. I have the best family ever. I really and honestly don't think I could ask for a better family. They have been supportive to me and proud of me. They have been sad for me and disappointed in me at times. And I'm happy for that. My parents especially. I have not made their lives easy. But they still love me and support me.
2.My kids. No matter how much they drive me crazy or disobey me or whatever...I love em to death and can't imagine life without them.
3. My job. I am sooo grateful for my job. Its taught me a ton about life and has helped me to grow. And I've developed alot of really awesome friends!

Whoops....distraction got me. Now for the final two....

4. My health. There have been alot of things going on lately that have made me appreciate my health. From a tenant of ours dying from health issues, a kid from my home ward dying of a heroine overdose, reading of the poor couple who the husband shot his wife then himself because he couldn't stand to see her in agony suffering from alzheimers...the list goes on. I am soo grateful I was never stupid enough to get into drugs and ruin my life like that...and for not having any serious health issues. And I'm working on my chub issue...so hopefully that will be resolved soon as well.
5. The military. I know...I'm obsessed. Probably overdose obsessed. But you know what? There are thousands of people across the world, most living off of less than the bare essentials so that the bad guys stay far away. I truly believe if they weren't over there protecting us...the US would be in big trouble. Major trouble. And I appreciate not having to worry about dying, getting bombed or shot, losing my kids, etc. Soooooooooo judge me for being obsessed but at least its a healthy obsession and is out of genuine gratefulness. :)

Thats all folks....have a good day! :)

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