Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Conclusions

So I've decided a couple things.

Firstly, I'm kind of lazy. Which brings me to my next point that for some reason when I'm getting ready to move...I let my house cleaning go a little. I don't know why I do this...but for some reason I do. Which is actually harder for me in the end because I have to clean doubly as much later on. But I am actually looking forward to packing...I just need to find some boxes first. My soon to be new neighbor is gonna try to hook me up with those. Thats good.

Secondly, I'm rather excited for payday tomorrow. And thats humorous considering I'm not gonna have very much spare money left after paying bills and paying for some of this moving stuff. But I will have enough for a $0.99 chicken nugget from Wendys which I have been craving for like 2 weeks but haven't really had the money to get plus I've really been trying to not eat out as often. Been doing pretty good too. Instead we just eat unhealthy food at home :)

Thirdly, my kids rock. They are sweet, hilarious and mischievious boys who make me smile alot. This time it was Tyler who has made me smile this week. When we drive past the cemetery (which is like 3 or 4 times a day in our commuting) he always asks "Mom don't you wish we had a grave for Grayson?" I say yeah and he says "Yeah me too. One of these days right?" He is such a sweetheart. Granted after that him and Ryder are screaming at each other or he's kicking Nates seat to annoy him.

Lastly, I love the show Raising Hope. I watched it for the first time on Tuesday and its crazy funny! I really kind of hope I'm not like the mom on that show...seriously crazy but not aware of my craziness. But it was also kind of insightful. The mom was going crazy over family pictures making them dress up in really funky themes (like 50s poodle skirts and skiers in the middle of Cali) to try and make them look like the perfect happy family. But their best picture through all the years was taken by a traffic violation camera, and it was the best family picture because it had caught them all in a happy spot. No stress or anything, just singing "Whack-a-doo" with each other in their old beat up truck. Reminds me that I need to quit stressing about being "perfect" and just enjoy the time I got with my family :)

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