Monday, October 18, 2010

My Kids Are The Best

I've decided lately that I have some pretty humorous kids. They kinda make me laugh so here are the reasons why.
1. Ryder is starting to copy EVERYTHNG that EVERYONE says. Its kinda cute...except when he picks up naughty stuff. Like him and his brothers downstairs this morning singing "stupid stupid stupid" But he also says cute stuff, like delissshhhhus (delicious) and when we are reading books he likes to point to characters and say "whas dat guy?" And if I get it wrong...he says "Nooooo its ____". But he does it with every character on every page. Sometimes...we have like ten "whas dat guy? and dat guy? and dat guy?"
2. Tyler makes me laugh a bit. This morning he put on a pair of Ryders pants (that fit him actually) and said "How do I look momma?" I had to tell him to change considering they were capris and I didn't think that would go over well at school. So he comes back with "But they are MY size...they said like 5T. Thats my size. Not Ryders size" (they are 2T....yeah).
3. Nate is rather excited to move. He was the corporal of the packing team this morning or something... they decided to start packing our food. After I told them the food is the last thing we pack. And as I come downstairs he says "I told Tyler not to...I told him we had to do something else first (as he has 2 cans of spaghettios in his hand ready to put them in the box).

These are probably not humorous to anyone but me....but I sure think its funny and they make me smile. :)

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