Thursday, October 28, 2010

De Carved Punkin

Here are our finished products with the pumkins. Nates is the biggest one...Tylers is the one in the middle with star ears...Ryders is the one at the end with a star and an airplane (yes its an carving skills are awesome! hehe)
I think they look pretty cute and are now part of our front porch. I haven't decorated for Halloween so this works for decorations in my book.
The boys have also finally decided on costumes. It just took 10 years for them to decide and 5 stores later....
Nate is going to be a black ninja (he wanted snake eyes but I'm not about to pay $20 for a costume. I'm cheap)
Tyler is going to be...a mad scientist. No a ninja. No a clown...finally he decided on...a cowboy
Ryder was going to be a dog...but once Tyler made up his mind he REALLY wanted to be a cowboy too but there was only one cowboy he settled for Woody. and now won't take the hat off ever.
I hope I get to have the boys at least for a little while this Halloween, I still need to talk to D about it. Crossing fingers!

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