Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving pumpkins and corn maze

We have had such a good time the last couple days, its been a very nice stress reliever for me! Last week the boys picked out some pumpkins at Scott and Betsy's and on Sunday we decided to carve them. It was quite the feat to do but we all had a great time! Nate and Tyler dug right in and got messy...but Ryder wasn't too fond of the gooey stuff inside the pumpkins. He did however try diggin stuff out with a spoon after most of it was out. I didn't even think to get the after shot of the pumpkins, I'll have to post some later. Yesterday we went with Dad, Mom, Valena and Melissa to the Staheli farm for the corn maze and they had an old school carnival type deal set up as well. It was really cool! We got lost in the corn mazes, then the boys rode the train that was being pulled by a tractor and we watched some baby pigs racing! I tried to get a picture of the pigs...but those are fast little dudes. None of the pictures turned out. After that we petted the animals for awhile and played on the swings. We were all getting pretty hungry so we ended the night at In & Out Burger. Mmmmm! So in no particular order (literally....they downloaded out of order haha!) here are the pictures from the last two days!

Here are the boys riding the tractor train. I was amazed Ryder actually went and didnt scream!

This slide was fast! They zoomed down it!

I actually got a picture of Ryder digging into his pumpkin

This one is really dark...but after the corn mazes we played on some giant hay bales until the tractor came back to pick us up

A good shot of the boys all carving their pumpkins

The boys playing on the hay bales at the corn maze

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