Monday, October 25, 2010

I hate tough decisions (venting post)

And this decision is the toughest I've made in a LONG time.

Do I stay where I am at


Do I take the new house

The reason this is a tough decision is because I have wanted to own my own home for SO long. Like as in YEARS and I don't have very good credit. Nor do I make a whole lot of money. So doing it on my own is kind of not an option right now. So when this opportunity came up for the new house through work, I jumped all over it. Now...its all coming to pieces. ERA won't let me break my lease. They have been trying to find someone to take the lease, but no luck yet. And I have to make the decision today. My thoughts are running about like this.

Taking the new house....

-I would have my OWN home

-Stability for me and the kids

-Neighbors that I know I'd get along with and be friends with

-An AWESOME deal on the house

-Having great note holders (my work of course)


-Added utilities (water/sewer/garbage)

-Double my gas expenses for the car

-Money would be even tighter than it already is

-Having to figure out what to do with the old place

-Possibly having to be evicted from old place since theres no other way to break the lease

-Having homeownership expenses like needing lawnmower, washer, dryer, etc

Staying in my old house....


-Not worrying about extra expenses and gas money

-Won't have to wake up earlier to get to work on time

-Kids have lots of friends here

-Won't have to worry about extra payments or deposits and such

-I'll actually get my deposit back

-Kids won't have to start over again

-I got a washer and dryer (its a big thing...believe me!)

-I'm still renting

-I don't have any friends there (after 8 months there I know 2 neighbors)

-My ward is horrible which is slowing my progression in that aspect since I don't feel comfortable with my bishop

-The kids really want their own to call their home and that place isn't it

-They were also SOOO excited to move, its heartbreaking that they are going to be disappointed

So what do I do. Thats the big question and I have to decide today. The keys for the new houses are being handed out today. So I have to know. In my heart I really want the new house. In my head...I know its smarter to stay where I'm at. Deep down I have a feeling I should stay where I'm at.

I don't know.

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