Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

The next two months are going to be busy busy busy I decided. I'll be moving at the end of the month plus Halloween, the new counselor and I just got approved for scholarships in Texas the middle of November, although I really don't wanna go the full week so I'm hoping I can just accept the scholarship for the 2 day class only instead of the normal 5. Then its Thanksgiving, then off to DC we go the beginning of December for a week. Then Nates Birthday, then Christmas...then its a NEW YEAR! 2010 has sped by at lightening speed.
It has been a crazy year thats for sure but its also been a strengthening year for me...and the final steps to my stabalization plan are in the works. Which makes me even more happy.

Step 1- Good, stable job. Check.

Step 2- Safe place to live with no cockroaches. Check.

Step 3- Buy a house. Check.

Step 4- Get my life straightened out. Work in progess.

Step 5- Lose Some CHUB! Also a work in progress

(found my 6 week body makeover from like 4 years ago, I lost like 20 pounds the first round then fear of acknowledging my chub set in so I stopped. I've come to terms with my chub now so its time for it to find a new home :)

Step 6- Find a true gentleman. Yeah...prospects but no check yet.

So...I'm doing okay I'm half way to completing my plan. And I can't expect it all to happen in a year..or two. I know it will take time. But I feel good about the last year. There has been some (ok quite a bit of) turbulance along the way thats for sure...but things really are improving. I feel like I am not the same person I was 3 years ago, or 2 years, or even last year. I feel like I'm truly progressing which is what life is all about right? So hooray for new experiences and for life finally starting to turn around and go well for me and my little family.

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