Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reason 50384 to MOVE

I have several reasons I am excited to move. *I'm signing the paperwork today and making it official yay!* But reason number 50384 (yes i made it up but i'm sure there are that many reasons) I found out last night. I have a neighbor who I found out is a registered sex offender. If I remember right, his charge was not towards children per say, it was relations with a minor if you know what I mean. Not as scary of a charge as others. BUT STILL. I hate that there is a registered sex offender next door.
So anyway...on to explain my reason. Last night, we were eating dinner and I hear a knock. Its this neighbor. I wasn't wanting to answer the door but he was RIGHT THERE looking at me. So I go see what he wants and he is looking for his wife and son, who have been gone since the morning; who took all their clothes and money and important papers with them....(get a clue dude, they be gone). He went on and on about how he is sad but what can he do and he will have to file divorce and la de da.
Then starts hinting that he can't be alone, he's scared to be alone....and then starts asking if I'm single. Yeah. Here's the reason 50384 to move.....NO SEX OFFENDERS HITTING ON ME!

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