Friday, October 15, 2010

Yay for the weekend!

This weekend could not have come soon enough. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster the last couple days and I'm not sure why. Lack of sleep maybe? Or nervousness over the house deal? Stress at work? Probably all the combined reasons. All I that I'm ready for my weekend. Gonna do some hardcore cleaning and packing this weekend and hopefully get everything packed up but the essentials we are using. Thats my plan. We'll see if it happens.
Although stress will come first of course. Working on our quarterly billing towards are grants...and I messed up the grant previously so I'm extra nervous this time because I'm at the emotional breaking point right now and I really am tired of messing stuff up. This is the only job I've ever had where I mess up on things. I don't know if its I'm trained...I don't know. Its frustrating though and leaves me second guessing everything I do.
So here is to will bring me loads of stress today my dear Friday, but hopefully you will end with relaxation and peace.

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