Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts for the day

My thoughts for the day...

I am feeling more at peace with my decision to not take the home. It is still very bittersweet, especially when the people who are most likely going to be taking the house instead of me came in yesterday. So I'm still a bit sad...but its the best decision.

I'm grateful for my family. Everyone has been soo supportive of me and the boys. I am very grateful to have a family who cares about each other and will do anything they can to love and support each other. I'm truly blessed.

I'm overloaded at work. I'm happy that our new counselor started this week because its going to be really good to have some help. And she seems really nice and willing to help out with anything we need, so I'm happy shes here and I think it will work out well.

My trips to Dallas and Washington DC are coming up pretty quick, and I'm rather excited to go traveling again. I enjoy my trainings and the extra per diem money is going to help out quite a bit right now.

I'm starting my 6 week body makeover plan next week and am rather excited about it. A friend of mine started last week and has already lost 13 pounds just by eating foods that speed up her metabolism. She hasn't even started working out as much as the plan advises. I'm hoping I'll have good success with it as well. My only issue with it will be eating as much as the plan calls for. I'm horrible at eating while at work. So we shall see how it goes. But I love this diet because you eat 6 meals a day (little ones of course) and exercise of course. No diet pills, no quick loss promises, just healthy food and exercise. I was on it when I got married and lost about 20 pounds, but quit doing it. So I know it works...just need to stick with it.

Hopefully today is a better day and things buck up a little bit. I'm still in the downish phase from the house...but it will all work out. This just wasn't the time I suppose. Hopefully better things are coming soon. Anyway...Have a good day ya'll!

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