Monday, October 11, 2010

House Pictures Continued

So here are some more pictures...I know overload but these will probably be it until we move in then I will be probably getting even more haha! So here we go!

This is a picture of the ribbon cutting. Holding the ribbon is Steve somethin from Enoch I think and H. Kelly from Utah Housing Corp is bolding the bow. Ashley (my new neighbor) was top pic and got to cut the ribbon. The guy in the blue shirt is Mr Peacock from American Express (the investor for the homes) then me, then Heidi another tenant, then Justin from SMJ Construction was behind me. This is the model of home I had my heart set on...but didn't get. BUT...I'm happy with what I got...its growing on me :)

For my sister...this is the back yard looking at our patio...obviously. There isn't a ton by way of landscaping other than the rocks and grass but its all good. I'll take more pictures later on. There is however a HUGE field of grass between my house and the one next to me. That will be nice.
This is the view from the back patio. At first we were kinda irritated that they didn't sod the entire backyard, but now I'm rather happy because I can plant a garden if I want or trees or flowers or get woodchip and a swingset...yeah. The property line ends at the top of the little slope. We will most likely be getting fences in as well, it was under debate but Mr Peacock asked at the ribbon cutting what kind of fences we would like to have. I think thats a good sign.

And finally....the finished and completed (including landscaping) picture of my house. Yup thats my baby :) I plan on adding some flowers and stuff to it next season possibly but we will see. So it be!

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