Friday, October 22, 2010


I am soo irritated right now. I just spoke with my property management group and they will not break the lease where I am at now. The only way I can get out of that lease is to have someone take it over. So until someone takes over the lease, I am required to pay rent there. So in essence...I will be responsible for $700 rent there until my lease is up in my $650 house payment.
Now I realize I signed a legal document (the lease) and that I should be accountable for that. I guessed I would've hoped that they would appreciate the fact that I'm improving my living situation (they are a real estate company too....geez!) not to mention the fact that here at the office we have been very nice to them, we have worked with them, heck we didn't take legal action (which we very well could've) for some things that happened between them and us.
I don't know....I guess I shouldn't expect them to break a lease. As mom puts it...what makes me feel entitled to have them break a lease? I just have never had anything like this happen before. Most landlords are flexible and will work with people. I've yet to deal with a landlord that has not been. I guess there is a first time to everything.
Soo....its time for some decisions I guess. We will see what happens.

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