Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cold Feet

So I'm starting to get pre-house cold feet. I am SOO very excited to move and to have a place to truly call my own. This will offer some really good stabilization for me and the boys and I don't plan on moving again anytime soon unless completely necessary. It's finally our soft spot to fall. We have our ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow and one of the other girls who got a house is a sweetheart and offered to bring me in boxes after her shipment at work gets here. I also put in my 30 day notice this morning. So why the cold feet?
To move in I need to come up with $400 up front for the keys, then $250 later to finish the "deposit" of sorts. Apparently to get the W/S/G in Enoch you have to put down a $200 deposit before they turn them in your name. Then of course the payment for next month coming up. It's thankfully pro-rated for the 10th of November even if we move in later so its only like $450. But its kind of scary to think I'm going to have to come up with $1100 somehow within the next month. I'm not so worried abt the payment next month since its on already planned to come out of that check but geez I never realized it would take so much money to get into these houses at such a short notice. I really wish they would've stuck to the original plan of January being move in so I could prepare.
But...I truly feel like this is the best thing for us right now. I feel like if I just do what I need to do, the higher powers will help it happen. At least thats what I'm praying for and feel truly deep in my heart. So I guess now its the time to have faith...and maybe this is why I feel ok about the decision to move. Heavenly Father knows I need to show a little faith since it is definitely my weak spot at the moment.
So I'm trying.
I have faith this will all turn out okay.

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