Monday, April 11, 2011

5k and WW

This weekend was a hard weekend. Not a happy one by any means. But such is life. We get through it and get back on track. So being back on track, there are a few things I'm excited about. This week at WW I was given the information about the 5k coming up. I've never participated in any sort of marathon, and have always wanted to. So here is my chance. They gave a great guide on how to train for it, and I plan on following it like crazy. I really want to be able to jog at least some of it so I'm going to have to work hard. I'm super excited though.

This week I'm going to work my butt off with eating right and exercising anyway too, because when I weighed in Thursday night I had gained weight. And I need to get that amount off plus some if I want to keep on target with my losing goal for Disneyland. Since you gain weight during the day (shocker, I know hehe), I'm hoping most of it was daytime weight, plus I was wearing heavier clothes than I normally would at weigh in. So crossing fingers it will drop off this week. Work is also going to be busy busy, I have to get my two billings done this week by Friday and keep on top of my files too. So it should be a busy week that speeds by and I'm looking forward to it speeding by because this weekend is going to be packed full of good stuff. My weigh in of course, then an Easter Egg Hunt with the tenants at work, then my nephew Jack's birthday party! The boys are sooo excited to be able to stay the weekend with me and to participate in all the fun activities and I'm always super happy to have them stay with me.

Anyway... time to get to the grind. Hope everyone has a great week!

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