Thursday, April 7, 2011


The boys crack me up. Here are a couple of the latest:

-This morning as we are driving to moms house. I see a cute military guy so we try to catch him, and Nate is an awesome wingman. "Come light. Stay green. Momma's got to catch up to the hot army guy. Hurry mom! Cooooommmmeeeee onnnnnn." And when we catch him...."He has a nice car. But he's not that hot."

-Last night at the dinner table, somehow Tyler figured out how to get water to come out his nose. For those who knew us when he was a baby...he was notorious for having food come spilling out his nose due to his cleft palate. Somehow, after all the surgeries, he has now figured out how to get water to come out his nose without the burn. Nate tried, but just couldn't do it. Ry just laughed and thought it was a grand ol' time. Water was flying everywhere and I learned that spitting water out your nose everywhere is "hilarious and wicked cool".

-Ryder is a big boy now, did you know that? He refuses to go potty in the potty, but he is a big boy. So in order to be a big boy that apparently means getting in and out of the car and his carseat by himself and shutting the door, climbing onto his chair/the couch/his bed/etc without help, and doing what his brothers do. Which last night included him face planting it at least 3 times at the park because he wanted to jump off the big stairs like brothers. One time resulted in him biting his tongue. I hope he grows out of it soon.

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