Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Word

I decided I needed a little boost towards my goal of aligning my karma and universe, or at least attempting to anyway. So what did I do last night? Hit up Redbox for Eat Pray Love. Why this movie gives me that motivation I do not know. Maybe it's because she decides not to settle anymore. She wants to find "her word" (for those who have seen the movie).
I want to find MY word. I feel a disconnect with my world and my feelings. I think I'm coming closer to finding that word, but not quite there yet.

Also, I have not yet cleaned out my facebook of previous people I was interested in but too nervous/afraid/retarded to go after. I need to do that, because its a little prick at my heart when I see them post pictures of new girlies they are in relationships with. It makes me wonder why its so hard to for me to delete them. This situation is another one of those things where I need to wait until the universe and karma align (getting closer!!). And generally the words of wisdom are as soon as you stop looking it will happen. I know that I will be in the right spot and the right time when I am meant to meet Mr Right. This is another reason I really do love Eat Pray Love. She goes through a journey of finding herself and finding balance in her life before she goes for the love dive.

I think I've done my own little Eat Pray Love journey lately, and maybe thats why I feel as if the world is aligning closer and closer. I feel like the (Eat) physical aspect of my life is getting better. Weight Watchers seems to have made a bit of a difference in my attitude towards exercise, food, and myself. And being able to have discipline in myself. The (Pray) religious aspect of my life is on swings right now. I know what I believe, I know what I want for myself and my kids, but I like to doubt the realism and question those beliefs on occasion. And I hate how hard it is to get back in the groove. The (love) emotional aspect is out of the water still. We won't even go there. So I have a little bit I need to work on before I'm ready for that Mr Right to walk in, and I realize that. But I'm still impatient. And wish things worked on MY timetable instead of the pre-set plan in store for me.

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