Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I think I'm a tard. How did I not realize there was a new customized dashboard or something to that effect? I quite like the new setup. And I needed a break from my pink melodrama. I like the new summery look. It kind of reflects a change of heart for me....No longer going to be Ms Whiney Pants about life I've decided. Going to take the power back and move it in the direction I want to. Or at least try. is looking up. Legal matters with Dan are almost complete as long as he doesn't contest anything, and if he does my attorney has written in the paperwork that he will start paying the court costs and attorney fees. Sneaky little way of saying be happy or fork out cash! I think he will be fairly happy with the arrangements. There isn't anything really out of the norm of how things have been. is my Friday! Which means no posts until next week. Some plans for the weekend include cleaning the house and doing laundry, taking the kids to the museum thing here (Nate REALLY wants to go), possible St George trip (still lookin to transition to a car for better gas mileage), and who knows what else. Its Easter after all. I won't have the boys, but me and Ry will be able to pal around and find something fun to do.

So until then....Happy Easter to everyone and have a great, fun and eventful weekend!

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  1. I'm all caught up...and you crack me up! :) As I was running last night, it felt so great- but my goal for the 5K is just to finish. I want to run the whole thing too, but I, in no means, run fast. And, congrats on the new car! it sounds great!! :)