Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Positive affirmations

So on Weight Watchers there is an emphasis on positive affirmations and how they can help your journey and I totally agree. I've been thinking alot about how I like to totally kill all positive goals for myself like weight loss with my negative stream of thinking and doubting. I'm not sure as to why I do this, because its very frustrating for me and I feel like I totally ruin a lot of good experiences for myself. Well I've had a revitalizing day this morning via a text conversation...and here is how the conversation went (starting at my fav spot):

Friend: You have the power to choose.

Me: Yes, yes I do.

Friend: Yes you do. When one moves from "have tos" to "choose tos" or "get tos" one creates power beyond comprehension.

Me: Very true, I just have a hard time in transitioning from one to the other.

Friend: Are you choosing to make it hard? Bottom line- do you want to be powerful? If so, be it. Your choice....

Me: .... I need to work on my positive affirmations.

Friend: It is truly all in your power.

Me: I agree, its just hard work.

Friend: That, for me, is untrue. Life has never been easier. Accountability and choice, for me, is too easy.....

Me: That is a much better way of putting it! It is just a little too easy to make the choices I know will make me unhappy.

Friend: Actually, you have the point. I just assisted you in seeing it :) You are everything you want to be!

The little mini-conversation this morning as I was getting dressed was sooo eye opening to me. I do have the power to choose. And its too easy to choose negativity. Its hard to always stay positive but its doable. And I think it gets easier with time and practice. Thats what I'm shooting for anyway...and right now I'm feeling really good about my life. I think I'm going in a positive direction and I want to keep moving upward and onward.

My point: Create an amazing day, because YOU CAN!

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