Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woes of the Drivers License

So I've been rather proud of myself with my spendless week so far. I haven't bought anything in the last two days. Well except this morning, I had to pay for my drivers license to be renewed. Can I tell you what....that was quite the fun experience. As some may know....probably 6 months ago my license got stolen out of my screening tray at the Salt Lake City airport. Yeah. So I had to go get a new one. I was only 1 month shy of being able to just renew my license. I was a little irked. license expired in January. And I promise I was trying to remember to go get it renewed....I just didn't have time. Well...I decided I needed to make it a priority since I am renting a car to go to SLC this weekend and I'm pretty positive that the rent-a-car place would not let me rent with an expired license. So I get everything ready and realize I can't find my birth certificate anywhere. Seriously. I need to come up with a filing system. I went to the DMV on Monday after work to see if I could get my temporary anyway. It was a no go. So I go out last night to get my birth certificate and although the office was open until 6 pm, they opted to stop making copies at 4:15 pm. So I went this morning...and in order to get a birth certificate you have to have a valid (not expired) photo ID. I explained I was trying to get that...but I couldn't without this birth certificate. They say too bad. So I took yet another trip to the DMV and pretty much got on my hands and knees to beg, bribe, whatever it took for them to give me at least a temporary ID. The nice girl behind the desk (who had previously told me that getting my license renewed without my birth certificate was a complete no go) let me know that they had all the information on file for me from 6 months ago so she would just go ahead a renew it for me. Really?! So since I don't plan on buying anything further today...spend less total is $25. And $18 saved, because I didn't have to get a copy of my birth certificate. My point: Go to the DMV first thing in the morning. They are way more helpful before they have a day of dealing with crazies. And... don't lose stuff.

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