Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools! Ok Not Really

Its April! This year is flying by! Since its a new month, its once again time to tally it up and set some goals. For the Spend Less, I have been a slacker. Although I have not gone overdrawn in my account (miracle! I count that alone as a success) I have also not kept real good track of my spending. So here is the long and short of it.

Spending wise....I have no idea.

Disneyland Fund: $50 (I had to pull some out to put gas in my truck this month sadly)

Weight: 12.2 lbs (crossing fingers its more on Saturday!)

This month I will be tracking my spending again like I did in February. I need to be able to do that again until I get in the habit of tracking it on my own. So bear with me. I get paid I will start today. Since I now have the added expense of attorney fees, I have to be a little bit more tight on the budget. I got a little raise at work though, so that helps out a little bit too. So here are my goals for April.

Spend Less: $100/week

Disneyland Savings goal: $200

Weight Goal: 8 lbs down

-So on the weekly amount, I'm hoping to have money roll over to the next week. Since starting WW, we hardly ever eat out so that will help. So that money will be for any household items needed, gas for the truck, and any fun stuff we decide to do. Where I only fill up my truck twice a month (generally speaking) that will knock out about $180 of that money for gas leaving me $220 for everything else. Thats managable.

-I'm hoping I can actually sock more money away than that in my Disneyland account. I have a really good paycheck today due to extra hours for the home and garden show, plus I will be going up north on the 8th-9th for work, so that will be extra money on that check as well. All of which I plan to put towards disneyland fund and attorney fees.

-On the weight lost...I sure hope I can make that goal. It doesn't seem like much weight, but thats 2 lbs a week and where I've had little weeks like my .8 lb lost last week...I gotta get my butt in the groove and start losing. I really have my eye on the prize of being able to be comfortable and confident when we go to Disneyland, instead of people wondering why theres a beached whale in a swimsuit chillin in the sand. If I lose the desired amount of weight I've set for myself, my reward is going to be buying a new swimsuit that makes me feel good. I really want that new I'm gonna work hard. That goal is more personal, however, so I won't disclose it at the moment but you shall know if/when I reach it. I still get a little weary about disclosing how much I actually want to lose doing this program...only because...well...that means

I have to admit thats how much I gotta lose. And its embarassing to me that I've let myself go that much. Me and H at work have also been chatting about the weight loss and shes told me I've inspired her and shes vicariously living through me. I am soo happy that throwing my focus at this is helping other people get motivated to change something in their life as well. I know alot of my motivation to keep going comes from those around me that have worked hard and trimmed I am soo happy I can do that for someone else too!

I have some other things I'd like to accomplish this month as well. They are my honey do items, except I'm the honey so I gotta do 'em.

-Spring Cleaning! My house needs a good scrub down, which is going to take more time than I thought. I'm hoping to accomplish this before the end of the month. I figure if I focus every weekend on getting two rooms cleaned and organized I can knock it out.

-Spring Maintanence! I really need to change my furnace filters and snake my drains. And do some other little things. And get my fridge looked at, since it constantly drips water onto all my food in the fridge. Its annoying and I just haven't remembered to call ERA and have them look at it.

-Spring De-Junking! I guess this goes along with spring cleaning kinda. I really need to go through the boys clothes and DI the ones that are not fitting anymore. Also need to do the same with my clothes...I'm tired of doing 80 loads of laundry a month I swear. I also need to go through the boys toys and DI the ones that are not working as well anymore, or that no one plays with anymore.

Here is to a good month of April!

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