Friday, April 8, 2011

Severe Irritation with Congress and the Budget.

As a forewarning, this post is going to be a bit ventful and will show some outrage. I don't follow whats going on with our country a whole lot, at least not as much as I should. But this time I can't ignore it. The decisions that are made with the budgets will directly affect my job position, and until they decide on that budget the furlough time directly affects numerous friends of mine that are in the military and some family as well. The people in office are soo focused on themselves that they are losing focus on this country. Instead of forgetting their political parties, forgetting their upcoming elections, and focusing on the most important thing...AMERICA....they are acting like children. The only difference is that if a child threw a fit merely because he didn't get his way, he would probably be repremanded. Congress? Oh no. They can take their sweet time deciding stuff while living in their million dollar houses, driving brand spankin new cars, and bringing home paychecks that are probably as much as I make in a year. And this whole furlough deal, doesn't apply to them of course. They will still be getting paid while they duke it out over whos party is better and who is going to get the most votes in the upcoming election. Its sad. It makes me wonder what this nation has come to. So I have a plan for Congress. And it will probably never reach their ears because they don't really care about the opinions of us little people who actually have to live by whatever decisions they make. But my plan would be as follows. Instead of being greedy and fighting over whos better than who, try sitting down and looking at the numbers. Obviously, this country needs financial help and obviously there needs to be some cuts made. Take of your political hats, and work together. And if by chance you need to take a little extra time, how about we not cut the pay of those "little people" who are being directly affected by your greediness. Because you are being greedy and selfish, you will most likely soon be taking food out of the mouths of the families that have daddys or mommys who are fighting a war thousands of miles away. They are risking their lives every day to make sure you can still be a millionaire. And how about those who work here in the states for you? You are also taking food out of the mouths of their families. Have you thought of that? I have an idea that I bet would light a fire under your feet to make a decision. Instead of cutting pay to hard working individuals like my friends and family are, how about YOU take the pay cut. Work for free. I bet you that as soon as your paychecks get jeopardized, you will work a whole lot faster and a whole lot better to come to a resolution. My point? Get a Momma to go into Congress and sit them all down for a time out until they can calm down and behave. And if they can't? They are the ones who don't get a paycheck until they can!!

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