Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running...ohhhhh how I loathe thee

So to start this little story off right, I've always had a love/hate relationship with running. I've sooo badly wanted to be the girl who could knock out a mile in 6 minutes and be able to go longer. This has never happened, even when I was a crazy super soccer/tennis/basketball/softball girl. Well last night...I got put in my place big time. I thought I was pretty awesome and a shoe in for this 5k. I'd been running jogging on the treadmill alot, I was keeping good time, I wasn't getting super tired........

Did I mention that was on the treadmill?

I learned last night that it is MUCH different jogging outside. I decided to try jogging around my complex twice. Figured that would be a good start.Yeah...I made it to the corner, then to the next corner, then my lungs wanted to explode inside my body. They were on fire. Burning like crazy. I walked the rest of that street and then attempted to jog around the corner, but only made it about half way and had to walk the rest of the way home. And that was only one loop! So then I decided instead maybe I'd just do small runs on the sidewalk that runs behind my house. Its fairly lengthy. I managed three back and forths before I threw in the towel and just hopped on the treadmill....where I was able to jog 5 more minutes and speed walk 10 more without my lungs wanting to shoot me. Seriously? This makes me wonder how well off I'm going to be at the 5k. I'm also pretty positive I will be slowing my partner in crime down, so just to put this out there...I will not be sad/mad/offended/or anything else if you run ahead of me. I will just might be on hands and knees crawling across the line.

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