Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Joys of Car Shopping

So yesterday I went to St George for work, and decided while I was there to look into some cars. I know I know, I just got one a couple months a go but the gas is KILLING me. $100 a fill up is pretty hard to choke down, especially when I was traveling for work. It was wearing on me. So it was time.
I got it for a decent price and will pay it off pretty quickly. I'm almost excited for this paycheck's fill up and to calculate how many mpg I'm getting. The boys have decided they like it too. Its a bit more squishy than our Yukon, but its faster and funner according to them. Hopefully this will help me save money and be able to save more. And after child support starts coming in I'll be able to save alot quicker thank goodness.
So what joys have I found with car shopping? Well...I drove ALOT of cars. The one car I absolutely LOVED was an 03 Nissan Altima that was pretty. Not even pretty, more like gorgeous! I wanted it really bad but the payments would've been upwards of $300 which I probably could've managed, but it would've been really tight. I decided to go for conservative. So I chose the Sentra. Its nice, and it will work, and in my budget.

So based on this experience, I have learned a lesson. I also teach a First Time Homebuyer workshop at work. I teach about mistakes some FTHB make. One being...looking at houses that are more than they can afford. I know that principle well now....looking at the Altima, driving it around, drooling over admiring it. The Sentra is great, but its not the Altima. I am, however, very happy with myself for choosing the better option for me. I give myself a high five for that one. But I still wish I could've afforded that Altima. Some day. Until then, I'll drive around my little car and be ecstatic that I have a lower gas bill. :)

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