Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend, Weigh In, and Spend Less

This weekend was pretty monumental. Okay not really monumental, but it was a good weekend all the same. I'm breaking them down into short highlights. -Friday was payday. I had lots of overtime and per diem from traveling and made bank. I got $200 stocked in my Disneyland savings, money paid back to parents, and all my bills paid with plenty left over. I took out $100 for my spending money and have $42 left. The rest was spent buying a birthday present, stocking up on cleaning/household supplies that were needed, and having lunch with my boys. I also have quite a surplus left in the bank which makes me happy as always. -Weight Watchers was a bit of a disappointment. Not the program, but my results. I've been a bit irritated with my gain last week...that was 4.2 lbs. Yes...GAINED 4.2 lbs. I took into account that it was a night weigh in, I had on heavier clothes than normal, and I had eaten previous to weighing in. I fully expected to lose that weight and then maybe some with this weigh in on Saturday. Oh no. I only lost 0.2 lbs. Bringing my total down to 11.4 lbs lost total. I know exactly what it was too...thinking I could eat unhealthy stuff as long as I was in my points. We had treats and chips and croussant sandwiches at work all week, and I really just didn't eat healthy or get all my fruits and veggies in per day. I also didn't prepare my meals at home ahead of time, which meant quicker and less healthy meals were made. I have Disneyland in mind and I really want to reach my goal. - The highlight of Saturday was definitely our sweet Jack's birthday party at the aquatic center. It was such a nice party, and it was really great being able to see some old friends and catch up. And of course, Jack was fantastic to watch. He was having soo much fun. It's hard to believe he is 1 already. The boys of course had a ball and the food was delicious. We truly had a great time. Thank you Betsy, the party was definitely a hit! I think thats all for now. Here is hoping for a great week for everyone!


  1. Yep. I've been missing this blog forever. Now I have alot to catch up on ;)
    That family picture of you and the boys is so great!!

  2. Haha its all good. And thanks! Is yours private?