Saturday, April 9, 2011

Calming down....and a bad trip

I am up in Orem, UT right now for a meet the mortgager/home and garden expo that is going on right now and I generally like traveling for these things, except that this whole trip has been crazy. I started out the day yesterday by driving in snow to get here...then getting lost on my way to UVU. Mapquest failed me. The exit that it told me to take ended up leading me to historic downtown Provo, not Orem and the UVU. It took me over an hour to find my way and get to the expo. The day itself went okay until I had to leave. I purposely booked a hotel that was super close so I wouldn't get lost. 0.1 mile away from the expo. And I got lost. When I finally did find it, they didn't have my reservation. My PRE-PAID FOR reservation. I booked it 2 weeks ago and had them pre-pay so I could get a killer deal on the price. So I had to put the room on my personal card. I swear, if the room has been charged to the work card, I am going to throw a fit. This morning I go down for breakfast at 8:30 and there is 1 banana left, like 2 bagels, and a mile long line for the waffle maker. The food is pretty much gone. Ya think they would prepare just a little bit better at a hotel. Don't get me wrong, the room was ok but that is the last time I ever book at a La Quinta. Ever. Today I have hopes of a better day. I spent the morning watching the news about the budget agreements and such and honestly, I am a bit more calmed down now after yesterday since they came to an agreement about the budgets which means no shutting down of the government. But why exactly did it take them into the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year to come up with a budget for this year? Polls were debating who was to blame, whether it was Obama or the Republicans or Democrats, but why don't they ALL take a bit of responsibility? The political parties were not doing their jobs in Congress in the first place to come up with a budget in a timely manner. Their boss, Obama, did not push them to come to a resolution before now. And probably wouldn't have if the push for shutting down the government hadn't been looming. And Obama tried to make it look all heartwarming and such that he gave up his vacation to Williamsburg to be "closer to what was going on in Congress." How nice of him. This country is in a sad state of affairs. And as much as I try to ignore it and pretend like everything is all's not. It's really not. One can only pretend for so long before their eyes get opened and mine definitely are now. I hope with this next election we can make some serious changes with what is going on and get some people in there who truly care about the nation and not themselves.

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