Monday, April 4, 2011

The weekend and a beginning of a new week

So my big plan to start de-junking my house fell through this weekend. Instead, I laid on my couch whining a little because my feet hurt. More on that later.

On Friday I was planning on going home, cooking some dinner and relaxing. Instead, the ex didn't bother to pick up the boys, or call saying he wasn't going to, or respond to any texts.... in essence he didn't really care that I might have had plans. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having the boys stay home with me on the weekends. But if I would've known, I would've had dinner prepared and all that jazz. instead we decided to get some things done. The car was in desperate need of a bath, so $7.00 went to that. Then also needed gas in a bad way, so $80.50 drained to fill the truck. Then I got a call from the ex saying "Where are you?!" I wanted to shout back... "well if you would answer any of my texts or calls you would know where I am!?!" but I refrained. He says "Jen is waiting at your house for you." So I bust home (this is at about 5:45 pm just fyi) so we don't miss her...then wait. And...wait some more. (Hmm....he told me she was there waiting for us.....) And...wait some more. I'm starving. The boys are playing at the park. So I ate some of my leftover enchilada casserole while waiting and finally at 7:00 pm she shows up. Really?!

Anyway...I need a de-stressing so we go on a walk with the neighbor and I swear to you... for the was probably the same mileage as walking from the top of Cedar Knolls to 200 North. My feet were KILLING me. When we got done, Ry was hungry and I was tired so I gave in and got him a BK Happy Meal for $4.58. Then came home and crashed hard.

Saturday morning was my weigh in and it was fantastic! I lost 3.2 lbs making my total 15.4 lbs! That made my day...although I'm postive the number wouldn't have been as high if I hadn't taken that walk. But that means I officially passed my goal for March of meeting the mini goal. Makes me happy. Anyway...after taking it easy all morning I was finally feeling good enough to go shopping so we went and stocked up a bit. $39.39 later...I'm ready for the week. I was so not in the mood to cook, so I gave in and got pizza for $13.71 and we watched movies (redbox...$2.19). It was a nice night. We watched "Life As We Know It" and I LOVE that movie. Although it did make me wonder who would take care of my boys if something were to ever happen to me. I need to make a living will I think.

Sunday...was also good and relaxing. Me and Ry worked on laundry and just had a nice relaxing day at home. So not much else there. post weekend tallies are as follows:

Amount spent from the account: $122.08

Amount spent in cash: $25.29

Amount of weight lost: 3.2 lbs (woot woot!)

Amount towards savings: $0 :(

I spent WAY too much this weekend out of the account. Granted that was for gas and food, but still! I don't need to purchase anything this week so I don't plan on spending anything further. I also forgot this weekend is my weekend to go to Salt Lake. So....I will have to spend money on gas and food there. Sadly. But where I'm driving...I'll have the freedom to pack some healthy stuff as well so it should work out okay. Have a good day all!

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