Monday, April 25, 2011

The Magnificant Easter Weekend

We had quite the adventures this weekend. It was a lot of fun though. A carnival had come and set up just up the street from us, and I had a little extra cash on me so I figured we could go. Those things are a total rip off! $1.50 a ticket or 20 for $20. So I opted for the 20 tickets and off we went. *Can I just say, never in my life have I been nervous walking down a street in Cedar City, until that night. We sped walked past the trailer park across the street from my house. I don't know why it was so scary to me. I do know bad things happen in that place though ( for the Cedarites, its the trailer park directly behind The Playhouse). And when we got to the carnival, I kind of wished I had a gun little bit of protection.*  First we attempted some motorcycle rides for Ryder. He wasn't so sure about that.
 But then he found the firetrucks. He was in Heaven and Ty was happy to go along for the ride while Nate and I watched. He was too big to go on the ride apparently. When did they start saying kids were too big?

Nate had been soo patient that we found a ride he wanted to go on. The bumper cars! He got stuck the first round so the guy running the ride let him go again for free. I was pleasantly shocked.

Then we found the Merry Go Round. I got an AWESOME picture of Nate, but for some reason it didn't load to my email, and I had already erased it from my phone. Bah. But the boys had fun anyway. And is it just me or do those things haul butt a lot faster than they used to? I was happy I hadn't let Ry go alone or he would've guaranteed been torpedoed off.

Nate really wanted to do the Apple ride, and Tyler did too. So he said. So we waited in line and Tyler backed out last minute. Nate was the only one on the entire ride, but he had a blast. I thought this picture was funny of the three of them waiting.

The boys also went on a mirror walk thing, and the super slide. And then all begged to go on the Ferris Wheel. Every time we passed the park, they begged to. So I figured it was something we could all go on. But we were out of tickets and it was 3 tickets per person. There went another $18 down the drain for one ride. But the boys liked it so I think it was worth it.

Friday my daycare was closed so the boys and I cleaned house and boy did we clean. It feels soo good to have a clean house to walk into and clean clothes. I really need to keep up on it better. Their dad came to get them fairly early, so it was just me and Ry. After a short stint to St George to see about cars, we went to dinner with Mom and Dad at Subway then went home and snuggled.

Saturday was a blast! I weighed in at Weight Watchers and lost 4.4 lbs! This brings my total weight lost back on track at 15.4 lbs! I was soo ecstatic to hear that since the previous weeks I had lost hope of getting back. This week, I'm amped again to keep losing. After weigh in, we decided to go to St George with Mom and Dad, and had alot of fun at the Art Show there. The weather was beautiful (enough to give me and Ry a little pink hue). The art show had a lot of interesting stuff that we looked at, but three things in particular caught Ryders attention. The first being a really cool tractor engine setup that was making some homemade ice cream. I should've gotten a picture, because it was neat. It held Ryders attention for a good 5 minutes.
Then we saw the itsy bitsy spider that wasn't so itsy bitsy. Yet another thing Ry was intrigued with. He could easily walk underneath its tummy, that is how big it was. On the way home, he kept asking to look at the spidey. Just couldn't get enough.
And finally......the Water Pad. Oh how he loved the water pad. After we got done walking through the exhibits we decided to let him play in the water for a minute. I figured he would want to play in the spot that looks like mini waterfalls crossing the sidewalk, but no. He high-tailed it to the water pad. After taking off his shoes and socks he went wild. He loved to "stomp" on the water and splash it every where. I definitely think that was his favorite part of the day.

Then off to DQ for some lunch. After a tasty treat, we found a car dealership that had a good stock pile and they thought they would be able to finance me. Today I take my Yukon down and see what I can get for it. I'm excited because the prospect of a new car is great. The payment plus gas will still be less than what I'm paying just is gas right now.

When we got back home, I finished up laundry and Ryder took a real long nap, which allowed me to read an awesome "culinary mystery" I'd been working on. My mom turned me on to The Josi Kilpack series a couple books ago and now I'm reading through them fairly fast. I just finished the 3rd one (Devil's Food Cake) last night. They are really funny murder mysteries with the main character being a nosy older lady who just can't seem to keep herself out of trouble. They also feature recipes at the end of every chapter, some of which sound delightful but are definitely NOT on my diet. I can't wait to read the next one.

Well thats all for now. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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