Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 Reasons I May Want To Re-Think Schooling

So I decided to apply for school yesterday even though I was a bit late for fall semester. But it was asking for previous transcripts (from them) to be sent to them. Which I thought was wierd, so I emailed the admin place to see what I needed to do. Here is the response.

"There are actually two Kimberly Stubbs in our system, one with academic history and one without. I'm going to assume your the one with history {I'm about 99% sure that I accidentally set up the one without just btw}. The good news is that you won't need to worry about transcripts {phew!}. The bad news is that when you left you were on probation {whoops} and your cumulative GPA is below the required 2.0 {ouch!} so you will have to write a letter of appeal to the Academic Review Committee."

**In my defense...At the time I left it was mid semester and I was getting a divorce. And didn't realize you could do a withdrawl from the semester to save yourself from getting Fs. My bad.

"Right now your application is still incomplete because you chose a transfer application which tells us you are a transfer student from a 2 yr college {the choices are confusing! Seriously!} so it's looking for transcipts. You have also listed as a non-resident? {no defense there....thats just my own personal tard moment} It looks like you also paid a $65 reg fee with a late fee when you should've only been charged $10 plus $25 late fee. This is becuase you chose the wrong application. I can refund the $30 overpayment. But please... call us so we can help you correct your app."

There you go folks.

What can I bet that as soon as my info got pulled up....the girl helping me was all "Hey guys! You gotta see this! She actually thinks she wants to go back to school? Ha!" And probably a gaffaw or two (or a thousand) ensued. I will give them a call...after my face goes back to a normal shade and I can swallow my pride.

My point: Even I'm a little embarassed by this one.

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  1. LOL We all need to laugh at ourselves some times. I'm thinking of going back to school myself. We shall see.