Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Life's Directions

Last night I had 5 years worth of weight lifted off my shoulders, and its a bit personal but those who are close to me will know what I'm talking about. This makes me happy for the future and what I have in store for me. So on with it.....

Gotta get my money situation under control. Not that its out of control, but I have less faith now than I ever did in retaining my job past September. This is obviously very scary to me since I am the only source of income for my kiddos. So....saying prayers and having faith that I will be lead in the right direction there.

Next up...find me good ol' southern gentleman. Or just good ol' man who will also be............

A great father figure for my kids. They need that in their lives since the current father situation is a pretty sad one. So lets also say lots of prayers and have alot of faith that someone fantastic will come along soon.

And of course....this is my next destination with that fantastic gentleman and father figure so that we can be an eternal family. Poor guy...I hope he can put up with my constant dorky side and harassment (I think its the Carlile gene...the sister-in-laws and brother-in-law would probably agree) for the eternities.

And of course....the above mentioned will lead to a romantic swooping kiss like this after all is said and done (at least I can hope for one....) and a Happily Ever After as well.


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