Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finding 1
YoCrunch NONFAT Greek Yogurt is not good. And its not NONFAT. It has 1 gram in it. Shady advertising.

Finding 2
Funny how a child (Ty) helps make dinner, says the whole time how much he just loooooves those kinds of noodles and how we should put seasonings in the meat and he is going to eat sooooo much of it when dinner is ready......
And then when we sit down he eats his chips and leaves the burger pasta alone then says his "food tummy" is full but his "koolaid tummy" is not full so he needs to have another drink of koolaid. And then tries to play let's make a deal when I say no. Then cries. Then throws a fit. And ends up going without koolaid or any other food for the rest of the night.

Finding 3
Apparently I know nothing of style because wearing a tank top that is too small, basketball shorts that are too big, socks that go above the knees and tennis shoes is a rocking combination of clothes for a boy. Shame on me.

Finding 4 The people who go on Americas Got Talent are crazy. And proves anyone can get on TV. Did anyone else see the creepy gnome looking guys singing Vanilla Ice? Or the midget who was stripping for a minute and then played the guitar? Or the guy who jumped from an insanely high balcony into a kiddie pool of water? Or my favorite.....the guy who wore a helmet, safety goggles, and a towel folded up and hooked to his waist by his belt, for his "explosive" tongue depressors that could possibly impail him "Doncha know? Ooooh Yeah."

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  1. OMG ditto Findings 2 and 3. I can't deal with some of these fashion choices they make sometimes!