Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 of 5/5/30 Challenge

After a bit of a hardcore deep post yesterday...I'm going lighthearted at it today. It is officially Day 1 of my challenge. Time to lay out the goals and see what happens.

Goal 1: Lose a minimum of 5 lbs in the month of June. I'm shooting for 8.2 so I can hit my next Weight Watchers goal before the end of the month. Even more than that would be ideal...but I've learned not to aim too high or I crash.

Goal 2: Run a 5k by June 30. I'm good with official race or unofficial running, I just want to get to that point. Although there are loads of 5ks here during the summer I've realized, so if I see one near my ending time frame...I'll register.

Goal 3: I'm really and truly going to go for 1 month with no sweets. It's going to be hard, but they will be there come July 1st. Granted I'm hoping that by July 1st I won't have such a desire to eat them all.

 So there it is. No looking back. I'm accepting the challenge. I'll be following Weight Watchers and the Couch To 5k training program, starting at week 5 (works out perfectly...because thats pretty much where I'm at anyway).

*Also side note....I'm sorry I haven't been responding to comments. My blogger won't let me comment on my blog or anyone else's right now. So sorry! I appreciate all the comments though, helps me know I'm not writing to dead air :)

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