Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day in the Life Of....

So because I want to do something new.....I decided to show you a day in the life of our hecticness (yes thats a word, cause I say so)((and its more boring than anything)). Obviously I don't have a picture for EVERYTHING but I will fill you in on the details that don't have pictures along with them.

First up....I go to work. I spend my 9 hours there (with an hour lunch of course...spent there).

yay for work. woohoo

Upon arriving at work, and after opening shop....I eat my breakfast. Generally a whole wheat english muffin with PB and a banana. On occasion I mix things up and swap a waffle for the english muffin. Exciting I know. And then I work all day...La De Da De Da.

After picking the boys up getting home, I finish getting dinner ready (its been in the crockpot all day mmmmm) and I see this out the kitchen window. So I go see why the boys are quietly  huddled, because thats usually a VERY bad sign that things are about to get messy. But no. They found a GIANT sized cricket that Nate affectionately named "Crick".

And....this is Crick's grave. Ry apparently felt the need to smoosh his hind leg. He was still alive, but twitching something bad. I felt bad for the cricket, so I told the boys to go put him in the parking lot and let him go in peace. They wouldn't have any of they finished the job and buried him. In the neighbors rocks. I was too early at taking pictures to get the gravestone Nate made afterwards. They also moved the body to the front yard rock landscaping. I'm not entirely sure why.

After the sad burial, we had dinner. Dijon chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. The boys actually ate it. For once. And cleaned their plates. A rarity. Nate told me during dinner that when I started WW he thought I was the only one who was going to have to eat healthy. And this sucks. He will be happy when one day he doesn't ever have to eat crockpot food again. Haha!

So after dinner we went outside and played with the neighbors but my phone was charging so I didn't take any pictures. It was pretty fun. And it's nice to get to know my neighbors. And the kids had a blast. Until we came inside and calmed down for bed. Great picture I know. Ty was sleeping on my arm...Nate was playing with a stopwatch in the corner, and Ry was rolling around on the couch for reasons I have no clue about. And then we went to bed.

 So there ya go. A day in the life of this little family. One of the less hectic days I might add. One of these times I'll do this for our hectic days and we shall see how that goes. Might be kinda interesting eh?

*side note on school....I did suck up my pride and get it all taken care of. All I need to do now is write a letter of appeal and apply for financial aid. And then get my classes if I pass review. Woot woot.

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