Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I almost forgot!!!!

On the big D thats going on right now....the due date for my ex to dispute anything has passed. So if he will take the parenting class coming up next week this will all be said and done. If he doesn't (which is my guess as to what will happen) a hand delivered motion for him to take that class will be given to him and if he STILL doesn't take it (again....most likely) we will ask the judge to grant the big D anyway due to non-compliance. Woohoo! The end is near! Now if only I could get him to pay child support....he's lucky I'm not asking for the last 4 years worth that he has failed to pay. But I'm ready to get it now. And the kids and I would like to have a money-stress-free trip to Disneyland...so hurry and pay it dear ex of mine........

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