Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

 This was a good weekend. My ex husband let me know that he didn't want the boys (shocker) so we got to hang out all weekend. It was fantastic. I think we did a whole lot of fun things. The boys....I don't know if they agree but I thought it was anyway. On Saturday they spent the morning with Grandpa and Grandma while I went to Weight Watchers (and lost 3.6 lbs woot woot!) and then I made them clean before we did fun stuff. But then.....

It was off to the lake. Super duper windy but it was still a good time for us. I have no idea why my camera turned the pictures green....but it did. Awesome. After the beach we decided to grab a TikiShak snow cone and cool down. And then it happened. While eating dinner shortly there after....Nate won. He got his way. For MONTHS he's been begging to go to the skate park. It was pretty dead when we drove past so....I agreed. He was delighted.

This is Ry at the park by the skate park. He was having a tough night, since he was soooo tired and worn out from the day. But the swings made him happy.

Nate was seriously elated that he was able to finally go to the skate park. It was soo funny watching him. He is actually pretty good on his bike too. I was kind of surprised. Although next time we will remember to get the helmet from Grandmas house. I was a bit of a paranoid while he was riding.

Sunday we found out that our ward was being dissolved or however the church puts we are now part of a new ward (The Heritage Park) and the boundaries are quite a bit less confusing. We are also in a new stake...the Enoch West Stake I think? Some Enoch Stake. Which means we have Stake Conference next Sunday. So our entire area has been shifted and the members of our ward got seperated into 4 different wards. Rock on. That does mean I don't have to sing in church anymore. And I'm officially released from my piano playing calling. is the after product of being at the beach. The boys' backs look just as bad. But....thats how we kick of the summer apparently. It was a good weekend. I hope we get over the burns soon though.

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