Friday, June 3, 2011


So in the year plus that I've lived in my neighborhood, I can count on one hand the number if neighbors I know. So when I got invited to the neighborhood spur of the moment BBQ, I was rather excited. I have wanted to get to know other neighbors, but I'm not very good at making friends I guess. There were only four families there, but we had a great time last night and had some tasty food. Everyone brought their own meat to BBQ and something to share. There were chips, my fruit salad, some watermelon, some baked beans and cookies for dessert. The boys made friends with some neighbor kids and I was able to get to know some of the adults around me. It really was an enjoyable night.

The downfall of the night was finding out that the only family there who has been really great and befriended us is moving up North at the end of the summer. The husband found a job as a teacher up there and they feel its the best move for them. I'm happy for them....but I'm also sad that they are leaving. I really like them and that means I'm going to have to be more outgoing and get to know my other neighbors since we plan on being there for awhile.

I've also heard through the grapevine (I would've heard in church....but we were late as always and missed announcements) that its possible the ward boundaries are going to be changing soon. This is probably good, since I couldn't even tell you what my ward boundaries are. The two rows of houses north of mine are not in my ward, but people who are across the busy street and down 3 blocks by the playing fields are. I kind of think they took all of the communities (there are 4 townhouse communities, 3 other fenced communities, 3 (possibly 5 but I'm not sure) sets of apartments plus the normal street blocks within our current "boundaries" ) and said "Ok you 30 go to this ward and the rest of you go to the other one." And thats fine, just rather confusing. I can see why they do it, I'm guessing so that each ward has a fairly equal number of families. But it creates a pretty confusing boundary line. Oh well...I pray it works out well and I stay in the ward I'm in.

Its Friday! Which means weigh in is tomorrow and I'm nervous. I haven't done well this week. But hopefully by kicking some exercise butt tonight and the morning, I can still come out with a decent weigh in. Crossing fingers. So until Monday....have a good weekend!

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