Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frustration. All around frustration.

I'm frustrated. Utterly frustrated.

Somehow, HUD feels the need to audit my files when they have also decided that the service I provide is worthless and will no longer fund my job (oh...and the state has made it clear they agree as well. No funding there.) So in essence, my job is ending and it will end most likely right before Christmas (like, November 30). Yet....they do an audit, I make the needed changes, I send the corrected files, and the files that had NOTHING wrong during the last audit now have to be COMLETELY revised because they are incorrect on this re-audit. Can somebody please explain why they even CARE what my files look like when they aren't even going to be funding my position in a couple months? Please?

The government promised to fix the housing situation. It also promised to create jobs. accomplished the job goal. For minute. But now thousands if not millions of people across the country who rely on that funding for their jobs will be laid off. And the free services are going to be slim pickings from the agencies who do have other funding. So the mod scam folks are going to be LOVING life when the free help is all but gone. Oh and that housing situation? Got made worse by starting programs that nobody qualifies for but not stopping Lenders from telling people to miss payments so they can qualify...and 6, 12, even 24 months down the road those people are now losing their houses because they actually don't qualify and now its too late to fix anything.

My point: Thank you government. I really appreciate you turning a career job into nothing and making it so this single momma has to navigate through the horrendous job hunt during a crashed economy.

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