Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day (a day late) to all those daddies out there, especially mine who is such a great example and a wonderful Grandpa to my boys. We love you very much.

Tyler trying on Grandpas new headphones. With a chocolate face.

Ry was insistant on riding Ty's bike. Without training wheels. With me pushing him. In a too big helmet.
  After a delish dinner and family time, the boys wanted to go for a walk and I was all for it. So we went to the bridge and started off. I'm pretty shocked at how high the water levels are here. Kinda crazy.

Looking off the bridge.

HUGE puddle under the overpass that the boys made sure to get drenched in.
We walked from the IFA bridge to the Cannery and back. I think it was good exercise for the night. Probably not enough to burn off the ice cream I had eaten after dinner...but still.

Nate hasn't been much for getting pictures lately so this was his surprised look.

Ty insisted on pushing the stroller. Then Ry insisted on pushing Ty in the stroller. It was pretty funny.

It was a nice relaxing evening after a bit of a hectic (not busy....but boys driving momma crazy) type of day. Moments like these make me love my boys.

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