Thursday, June 30, 2011


 Its a yay type of day because I found out I've been accepted for school! I'm very excited....I just have to get the financial aid out of the way. That is going to be by far the hardest part, because at this point I don't qualify for it since I was put on academic probation when I left. I'm just waiting to hear back from an advisor to set up a meeting and discuss all that fun stuff. The best part...I'm far enough along that I only need to complete 3 classes to finish up my General Education credits and then I can focus on the "advanced standing" classes I need in order to qualify for the Business Program. this point I'm just praying that I can get that financial aid or none of this will be able to happen.

To celebrate last night, the boys and I had a picnic on my parents grass and then went to the GreenShow. It was Italian night!! Not as entertaining as the Irish and Scottish shows that were last year...but thats prob cause I have a fondness for Irish and Scottish stuff. The Italian wasn't bad though.

Nate CRACKED me up. They had some bears and a gorilla they were playing with while we were waiting for the show to start. They were caught in the "grass forest" and they had used twigs to build a fort too. Made me giggle.

The little costumed up pup did ballet through the crowd while the guy standing by him sang "Figaro!" I think they were having music issues that were not part of the show...but they played it off well. Figaro was fun.

This was a cute number that Ry really liked.

There were also funny acts like Scum and Ratsby the comedians and a juggling act that was rather humorous. The boys liked the juggling act alot. The grand finale was juggling bowling balls, and they dropped one on the stage to show it was really a bowling ball, then attempted to juggle the other two between them but when they threw the balls...they floated away because they were really balloons. The boys LOVED that part. But most of the show was in Italian so they lost interest pretty quick during the musical/dance numbers.

No GreenShow is complete without playing on the fountain afterwards.

I love that I can never get them all to look in one place all at the same time. At least Ty got it haha.

I was a really fun night and brought back memories of going when I was a kid with the family. I always loved it. And how much it's changed and evolved over the years from having 2 shows, one for kids and one for adults to one show that was geared for both. Or how there was a "band" that played the music they sang and danced to and now there is a full speaker and sound set up. Tonight is their special 50th Anniversary kick off show, so we might pop back for that just to see if they are doing something special. The boys REALLY want to go see a legit play but I don't know that I'm ready to wrestle them in a play setting. We shall see.

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