Friday, June 10, 2011

Its Friday Friday Friday....

I am SOOO irritated that I STILL cannot comment on my own blog or anyone elses that is part of the blogsphere. I have no idea whats up but I promise when I get comments and don't answer back I'm not being unappreciative...I just literally cannot comment back. But I love when I get them so please keep it up! :)
Tomorrow is weigh in. This week I've done good. I've only gone over my points for WW once...and it was only 8 points. I've had 2 big (not just a bite) treats that I can remember....a sweet roll to celebrate the events of Wednesday, and a small piece of a tenants birthday cake yesterday. And even with those....I was still under my daily points. I've also jogged/walked at least 1.5 miles every night this week except Sunday and Wednesday (I moved furniture around in my bedroom counts for something). Lets hope that this week is the week I break 20!

I also need to get over my obsession with cute wedding pictures. Yeah...I feel like I'm pregnant again (I'm not....wooo scared ya for a min huh!) because I was a slight bit obsessive over baby shows, baby pictures, baby everything. I LOVED watching A Baby Story on TLC. But after the baby was here...that all went away. obsession is with weddings and cute couples. I'm sure it will go away if/when I find my man....but for now....I keep browsing and hoping I find him soon and swooning over super cute and adorable pictures.

I had lunch with my mom, SIL Betsy and a family friend Bonnie yesterday at the Pizza Factory. It was such a great lunch with yummy food and fantastic company. I hope we keep this as a sure was good to get out and spend time with them. And the salad was delicious. Absolutely delicious. Had loads of lettuce of course, chicken, croutons, parmeson cheese, bowtie pasta, tomatoes and mushrooms (that I picked off of course) and I had mine with raspberry vinigiarette which was delicious. And of course twisty breadsticks because you cannot go to Pizza Factory and leave without getting one. Thank you to the great company I was able to share my lunch with. It made my day!

And to leave you this fine day...a picture of my child who thinks he has better fashion sense than me (refering to yesterdays post) ((and excuse my semi-dirty house)).

I told him to pose. This is it. Silly boy.

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