Wednesday, September 22, 2010


*Thats one of the houses...and my first choice if I get to choose! :)
So I can't help myself...I gotta share my ecstatic-ness with the world. I am getting sooo excited about two particular events coming up in my life. First and foremost...the houses! Mom and Dad and I went out to see them over the weekend...and the back door was open so we were able to go inside. 2 of them are totally done and landscaped...the other 3 are pretty much done and just need cleanup inside and landscaping. H has been trying to keep me up to date on my progess in the running...and so far I'm doing good! They are beautiful houses and I really do hope I get one!

Secondly, I'm excited for this Washington DC trip I'm going on in December. I have never been back east and I am soo super excited to have the opportunity! Especially in DC! The classes I'm taking in my training are amazing, and I know I'm going to enjoy them. Plus I'm going to be by soo many national monuments and the hotel I'm staying in is AMAZING! I can't wait.

So there are my two bursts of happy excitement for the's making me wierdly giddy today to think about it so woohoo!

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