Monday, September 27, 2010

Todays Randomness

So here are some random shtuff that has been going on lately....

-At work, we are FINALLY hiring for a helper for me. Woot Woot! I've needed one as my case load has grown huge! We had 80 applications, only 20 applied right, and we narrowed it down to 6 people to interview. We did those interviews on Friday between the Care and Share ground breaking and our tenant party and immediately disqualified 2 people. The remaining 4 are coming in today to present a portion of our class and do a final interview with H. I'm rather excited. We have a couple that I really like, so I think it will be good.

-With the houses....I still have NO CLUE whats going on. K from UHC is reviewing applications right now and we will find out soon who is going to get those houses and who won't. This has been the most nerve wracking thing ever and my backup plan of getting an RD loan at the end of the year may not work either, since they are changing the boundaries of where you can get a home and also are starting a new fiscal year....which means delays up to wazoooo! So....I'm praying for the houses.

-Ryder bit me for the first time. Yes. Bit me. I don't think he meant to cause he immediately said sorry and was sad, but still! I haven't had a biter. I hope it doesn't continue. Eesh.

-This week Tyler is the Star of the Week at school and he is very excited. We made a poster and he gets to bring a favorite book, a treat, and a sharing item. We took the poster today and will do the rest tomorrow. I'm excited to see how it goes when he gets home :)

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