Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm taking a break from the ABCs today cause I'm really not feeling well. Last week on Thursday I woke up with what I thought was allergies. Friday rolled around and it kind of turned into a cold and a lil ear ache. When Saturday hit, it was a full blown cold and still lil ear ache. I woke up Sunday and had a hard time moving. My ear was killing me but I decided to go to the Cowley Family Reunion anyway....only to leave at around 9 pm to come home. I was miserable. Monday I woke up and the pain was unbareable. As soon as Ryder woke up we went to the doctor. And of course, no doctors offices were open, nor was the Instacare. So I opted for the ER. I was in and out in literally a half an hour. Doc said I had an ear infection and gave me pain pills and some antibiotic. I was hopeful that as the day went on things would start feeling better. They didn't. My pain got worse. By the time Tuesday rolled around I had to call into work cause I could barely move. My entire left side of my face and neck were swollen and I couldn't open my eye all the way or close my mouth all the way. I was also puking my guts out and couldn't even keep water down. When mom brought the boys home she could tell I was a mess and decided I needed to go back in, so to the ER we went. This time they took better care of me. I got an IV drip to rehydrate me (I guess I was super dehyrdated) and some pain meds that actually worked. That was nice since I hadn't been out of pain for 4 days. So here I am today, feeling a tad better but still kind of feeling out of it. Percocets rock since they are keeping my pain manageable. I hope I can kick this thing soon. I hate being sick. And who knew a simple ear infection can cause soo much pain! Anyway hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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