Monday, September 13, 2010


Q is for Quiet. I love the peace and quiet of night time. When all the kids are in bed sleeping, there isn't any toys banging around or yelling or smacking or dishwashers get the point. I love the quiet. But I only love the quiet when I know my boys are safely sleeping and everything in the world is right. Isn't it funny how that works? I look forward to my mommy time at night...that hour or two after the kids go to sleep, before I hit the sack. Its my unwinding time from the day. I don't like to admit that being a full time working single parent is tough, but it can be. Thats my time to let it all go.
Its kind of funny though because this makes me think of the times when the boys are sleeping at my parents house because I have to wake up early to fly to a training, and I HATE the quiet then. I can never sleep at all and every bump and squeek makes me jump. I was creep myself out big time. So the quiet definitely has its time or place, but I love my noisy and rambunctious (sp?) kids that keep it all in line as well :)

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