Monday, September 20, 2010

U and Ryder!

Todays letter is U for Understanding. I am sooo grateful that I have very understanding loved ones. I've done some incredibly stupid things in my short lifetime...and I've been grateful that I have such understanding family and friends. I have some wierd quirks and sometimes like to hermit myself away and its nice to know that my loved ones understand thats just how I am. My mom calls and ensures I'm okay and I appreciate that. Sometimes I need that little push to be able to talk about it, and I am grateful my mom understands that about me. I'm also grateful that I have been blessed with the ability to (semi) understand other people and their situations. I jump to judgements too quickly sometimes and need to be put in check more often then not...but I'm happy I have the sense to really try to understand in the end.

The other topic of the day....its Ryders birthday today. This is the big number 3 for him. I'll tell a secret...I almost forgot. I know it was on the 20th, I just didn't realize it was soo close to the 20th! So...I have no idea what we are going to do today. We'll try to do something fun and exciting. I think he's just excited to have a day of attention actually. So Happy Birthday to my big guy Ryder...we love you and wish you a happy day!

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