Thursday, September 16, 2010

S is for School

S is for School! Even though I'm not in school (I would like to go back some day and finish my degree but that will be later) I am very appreciative of the great school system we have here. Nate and Tyler both LOVE going to school and their teachers are fantastic! Every single one of Nates teachers has been soo kind to him and soo aware of his needs. They have really helped him feel at home and look forward to going to school. Even though Tyler was a little antsy at first to go to school, his teacher has really warmed him up and he is enjoying school much more now as well. She is a very sweet person and I'm grateful to her as well.

The other plus side is that they really do look at the needs of every child and help them learn their way. Nate is leaps and bounds ahead of "average" and I owe it all to do a great preschool...then great teachers at school. He is reading, writing, and doing math all at a level higher than expected. Tyler I don't know about yet, but I do know at his orientation the teachers said he was very much ahead of the game and they were impressed by his capabilities.

That brings to me to my next "school" thanks. That would be to my daycare. They are amazing. As I said before, I owe them for teaching the boys such good skills and ensuring they are ready for school. I can't believe its been two years since I've been taking the boys there and they are excelling wonderfully. I know Ryder will be the same when he goes back to school.

Anyway...thats it for the day. I have a SUPA busy day catching up from meetings in SLC yesterday so I wish everyone a splendid day and I am signing out :)

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