Thursday, September 2, 2010

K is for Kisses! (hehe)

Today, K is for Kisses! I love kisses. Especially kisses from my lil boys. They make my day. I don't ever get them from Nate anymore too often. And he usually runs from mine. But Ty will give me a few good smackers sometimes. Ryder, still hasn't gotten the concept down. But he makes me laugh. When I give him kisses, he ALWAYS wipes them off. So I give him more. And he wipes them off again. So I give him even more! And he wipes them off again and tells me "Stop it Momma kisses!" It makes me smile a tad. He is such a sweetheart.
I also, of course, like big people kisses too...but I haven't gotten one of those in awhile. So I can't say too much about them. would probaby be bad to anyway. The whole TMI thing.

Another one of my favorite kisses is...of course...chocolate kisses! They don't like me very much though. Its a love-hate relationship I think. It doesn't change things though. I still love them and try to keep a stock pile in my candy dish at work. Which is to the demise of me and my co-workers since we eat them all day. But its ok. We still like them and won't banish them just yet.

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