Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Happenings

Its time to play catch up with my life a slight bit...woohoo!
-I was sicker than a dog and am FINALLY feeling better...took long enough geez! But I do greatly appreciate my parents for helping me with the boys and letting me be a lazy whiner butt on their couch all week. I also appreciate my awesome co-workers and H for working around me and letting me have the time off I needed to recoup. Also to my awesome friends, especially my buddy Don who has made me dinner more than once when I wasn't feeling good and helped me watch Ryder when I was home...and checked up on me to make sure I wasn't dead or something. :)
-I am actually excited for my job. I love coming to work every day and have soo many ideas about how to revamp my program. We have posted for a new person (FINALLY!) to help me out and I have a TON of ideas on how I want my program to be shaped and run. I think being sick gave me that little bit of a break I needed to recharge and get back in the groove.
-I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago that when we went to the Greenshow, Nate was called up on stage and got his picture taken with the cast! They were supposed to email it to me but haven't yet.....
-Last night was Nate and Tylers back to school bash. It was fun...kinda. For them I hope it was fun. It was exhausting for me holy cow! I never thought going to one of those things would be so tiring but it really was! But the kids had a blast so thats what counts. They got lots of prizes and their faces painted and such so it was worth going.
-Upcoming excitedness....I know I've blogged about it previously but I am SOOOO excited to be going to Washington DC in December! It is going to be soo much fun and even though it will be snowy as heck I'm looking forward to strolling around seeing the sights of the East Coast. Not to mention the place we are staying as AMAZING! Its called the Gaylord National hotel...and it really is a high end classy place. Plus I will be there during the Christmas On The Potomac events and I am soo excited for that! The only thing that will be missing is my kiddos and my family. I'd love to have someone to go with but its okay.
-I am getting excited about these houses at work. I'm trying not to, since its not a guarantee that I will be getting one, but I'm looking forward being in my own space, being able to paint and decorate how I want, being in a good neighborhood, everything. Granted I'm not looking forward to moving again but this will be my last move. Unless something wierd comes up...but I plan on buying one of these houses.
Anyway...there are my musings for the day...I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

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